On a mild spring day in Texas Hill Country, 1864, eleven-year-old twins Tom and Stefan Spiess, free boys of color, are tossing a baseball when the spring breeze is shattered by war cries. Tom is stripped naked and ridden off by Comanches. As their parents are slaughtered, Stefan escapes. Tom survives his brutal initiation into Comanche ways and finds powerful spirit medicine in the unforgotten feel and found symbols of his beloved ball. He grows into a full-fledged warrior named Far Stones who eventually has a family of his own and sustains the same threats to a way of life as do the rest of his tribe and other Plains Indians.
          His identical twin Stefan deals with their parents’ mutilated bodies and embarks on a daunting, years-long search for his brother. As an orphan of color he struggles to survive in a frontier world he can barely control. His spirit and charm bring him the kindness of strangers, even as he endures the omnipresent abuses suffered by his race in the American West of the 1860's. His love for his lost twin and their shared bond of baseball keep bringing him to the fields where people of color are playing the nascent game. Eventually Stefan finds his way into the company of Buffalo Soldiers, though he fears for his brother’s life as they relentlessly campaign against the Indians. He is not prepared for the wide gap that has come to separate them, of three cultures in tragic conflict.